Sunday, January 01, 2006

On the Road

wow. ugh. party party party. hangover hangover.

happy new year!

i've pretty much slept all day, but i figured i had to wake up and post a song at some point.. so here we go.

'On The Road' is a sad number, morose, even. i like it, but it was another difficult birth.. it was also the last one to have andy's strat on it, and one of the last for the drum machine.. i gotta find another drum machine somehow. it's got acoustic guitar, that strat, a banjo.. organ, and guitar solo.. plus a few tracks of me singing. i was still pretty sick when i sang the main vocal line to this, but it grew on me.. i sound kinda terrible. ha!

hopefully i can post 'claro' tomorrow.. it's this awesome pop tune me and emily and jacob wrote together, and it came out just great. but protools has sunk it's teeth in again, and i gotta bargain it out. stupid box.

and drink some water.. i gotta do that, too.

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