Thursday, November 18, 2010


this picture is sorta unrelated to anything in the song.. but i was looking through photos on the camera and found this - i guess emily must've taken it a month ago (or so) while jonpaul and i were "fixing" the moog. i'm pretty sure this attempt was mostly 'take it apart and put it back together'... and i don't think it helped much.

as for the song, elephant, i wrote this a few weeks ago, all distorted piano and odd chromatic motion (it's all in Fmaj, with a C C# D augmentation thing going on..).. the whole noisy-pop thing is definately a nod to Idiosyncratic Routine and Best Supporting Actress, two projects of jason nickle (of the Shitty Beatles) that i find pretty inspiring, and difficult to imitate.

i guess the music kinda reminded me of a circus (maybe 'cause i saw some OPB reality circus thing recently).. so i started writing about elephants, and originally i had an idea for a short story about a lonely elephant.

that would've been cool.

but it wasn't really happening, i couldn't get a bunch of lyrics over the music, i couldn't find a melody/rhythm for the stuff i wrote, blah blah.. so i just started over, and wrote something different.

hmmm.. i think that's about it. i also used the borrowed accordion on this one, but listening to it in the background, i can barely hear it.. who mixes this stuff?


Monday, November 15, 2010

things will change

the other day we met a married couple that plays music together (the mukluks) and we sorta swapped accordions for a bit, in case they wanna use our slightly fancier accordion for their show.. so i had their smaller accordion around the apartment, and tried to use it on some songs. i'm not much of an accordion player, though. blah blah.

this little song is odd - it's kinda short and simple, but it's got backwards bits, slide guitar noises, harmonica, on and on.. kinda crazy and full of instruments. but still short. it's another in the line of "happier" songs experiments, and it has the same mixed results.. the chorus is all Emajor stuff, but the verses start with a good C#minor setup - so that's not too cheerful. and the lyrics are a little more cheerful than "i don't wanna be your friend anymore".. and the ethusiasm is kinda muted. i managed to squeak out a harmony or two, but i can't hear the smile.

ha! it probably just needs an awesome guitar solo outro.

things will change

things will change maybe for the better
it may sound strange but today i got a letter
it was plainly stated: all the worry and regret are over-rated
things'll change whether or not you let 'em
the storm clouds'll crack and the sunshine is back

is it simple enough?
momma always said that the song doesn't need to be much
just sing from the gut
if you're honest the words'll be someting they love

its been fifteen years since i thought about my friends in highschool
like facing your fears, fielding phone calls cluthching a bible

Monday, October 18, 2010

contemplate, geth.

contemplate, geth.

monday, finished up this little instrumental track.. been working on the I Like Your New Haircut stuff, now it's got a lot of violins all over the place, which we recorded this weekend. looking pretty promising, the whole album is gonna be pretty neat. and it'll be good to finally finish the thing, it's been in the works for almost 2 years, i think.. whoa.

but even saying all that, it still has a bit farther to go..

Friday, October 15, 2010

Upset on Mondays

things are getting closer to desperate here, no luck on the job front.. i think i'm gonna go over to Safeway down the street and apply for a job, maybe also TMobile and Fred Meyer.. but i'm not terribly hopeful. just closer to desperate.

on the other hand, the weather has been nice here in portland, oddly.. sunny afternoons, cool crisp air. i like it, and it makes it much more enjoyable to wander door to door looking for jobs.

this song is another in the attempt to write "happier" songs. catchy little major key bits - they start off happy enough, but it's hard to write lyrics. super-hard. these days i don't look a gift-muse in the mouth, as it were.


Upset on Mondays

Janie's always upset on mondays
and it pinches like you wouldn't believe
i wanna give her everything that she wants
i wanna give her everything that she needs
always bleeding from her head over something
it was nothing i could really take part in
a vast and ancient garden
don't look back when she tells you to leave
her love is something i'll learn to stomach
her attention is like a disease
a pretty bird with a terrible temper
making eyes from the heart of a tree
janie's always angry on mondays
it pinches like you wouldn't believe
i wanna give her everything that she wants
i won't look back when she tells me to leave
you don't own me anymore
i got something to settle the score
i won't be back for more

Thursday, October 14, 2010

vast tract of nothing

thursday morning, just finished up this little song with emily's help - she came home between classes today with a lotta pep (she did well on her test!) so we recorded some keyboards and drank smoothies. pretty great. managed to finish this one, with a few more in the works.

the song's a little odd, i guess. i wanted to write more happy songs, and so i came up with some major key guitar stuff, trying out different things. it started out cheerful enough, but once i started writing lyrics it got all weird and sorta depressing.

but still in a major key. i had planned to start off in E major and then tag on the outro in A major, with a little bridge to transition between them ("i didn't come to point fingers.. blabh blah").. and that worked out alright, but i added this guitar near the end that leans on a G#.. with a few B's every now and then.. so that pushes it back into a kind of Emajor thing. oh well, maybe too technical and silly anyhow..

vast tract of nothing

you don't know what you've been missing
we got soul with no son
we're the flood and the fire
we don't get tired
we got dreams that the human race is gonna expire
you can turn into stone
you can chop through bone
but is it really everything that you want?
it seems a vast tract of nothing
you got expressions that you use but refuse to believe
you got weapons in the shape of your teeth
but i don't come to point fingers
i can't care enough to pretend
i don't wanna be your friend anymore

ha! reading the lyrics like that, it is pretty far away from a happy song. hmm..

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

i got no reason

whew - it's been a long time since anything got posted here, huh? it's been kinda odd since being back in Portland, and I'm not sure I've got much to show for it.. we still have various band practices 2-3 times a week, and stay sorta busy, but it's odd.

Emily is back in school, as of a week and a half ago.. which is good, but we decided I wouldn't go to school, and instead I'd work a lot and make money. (ha!).. but it's tough to find work 'round here, that's for sure. I applied at a 24hr Subway down the street, and they haven't called me back. sigh. i can't even get crappy jobs i don't want. oh well.

here's a song. it took about an hour, i figure.. started playing the chords (with the odd phrasing), and found something to latch onto.. the words spilled out, piece of cake. it would've been easy to dress it up, re-recording it and making it fancy, but i kinda like the lo-fi loneliness of it.

i got no reason

i got no reason to get excited, i've decided
i guess you'd rather be alone
let me feel something while i am able
i'll just sell all my stuff and get back on the road
but this thing between us, it's a demon
i can't fight it
why won't you pick up the phone?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We're home!

A little groggy, both happy and sad, we've arrived. I was even able to fix the website!

Now I've gotta buy some coffee.



Saturday, July 17, 2010

Alright, school is over.. and Emily and I both survived, which is pretty cool. The whole evening ceremony was pretty great, with a bunch of food and drink (they just put beer everywhere, so you never have to go to the bar to get it! wow.)

My speech was alright, I think. I was kinda nervous so I spent most of the afternoon practicing with Emily, and my host family said it was fine (but they're pretty nice, and they seem to like me..) a lot of people ended up crying over the course of the evening, which I guess is good. I'll take credit for some of it. ha!

Afterwards we partied pretty hard.. drinking at the park (which is perfectly acceptable in Japan) then an hour of karaoke, then a trip to Susukino where we hung out at a bar with some new Japanese friends, drinking and eating meat on a stick. That stuff is apparently pretty universal, and you don't need to be fluent to have a good time.

Today my host family kinda led me around for some food and sight-seeing.. After a full day of adventuring, we went to another hot spring/public bath, which is always awesome.. This one had a nice outdoor section, which is probably my favorite, but it's hard to choose when everything is awesome. I hope/imagine Emily has something similar going on.

I'm not entirely sure if we'll see each other before Monday (at the airport!) so I'm planning on taking it easy, slowly packing and cleaning up over the next 24 hours.. then home!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Friday morning

Well, today is the last day of school here in Sapporo. It's been a tough week, I think.. yesterday was the final test, which wasn't too bad, but today is the final presentation. It's gonna be in front of everybody (whatever that means) and it's a little bit nerve-wracking..

Additionally, I got asked to give a speech tonight at the graduation ceremony/farewell party. I suppose it's an honor, but I don't think anybody else wanted to do it, either.. ha! Maybe they didnt pick me so much as I was the first one who didn't say no. ha. ha. So I've spent the last 3 days memorizing stuff for the test, stuff for the presentation, and this speech that Harano-sensei and I wrote. Jeez..

I should mention that I'm not really that good at Japanese, and it's a long speech all in Japanese (of course).. in front of a bunch of Japanese host families. I'm a little worried they won't understand it ('cause of my bad pronounciation and such) and the students won't understand it ('cause its in Japanese!).. and it'll just be me making noises with my mouth for 5 minutes in front of everyone. Hopefully they know when to clap at the end..

Anyhow, at the other end of it we'll have survived a month in Japan, which was pretty amazing.. We've still got the weekend to party and relax and recoup before the journey home (we leave here on Monday, umm.. I think we might get home Monday, by going back in time..) Not completely sure, but I'm not gonna worry about that now..


Monday, July 12, 2010

monday night

Today was a lot of school - two Japanese classes in a row and then lunch, then a class of Japanese culture. Which doesn't sound that bad, but two classes in a row is pretty rough for me - I get kinda tired after one!

Anyhow, after class we went to the station with a new Japanese friend, Shinya-san (no photos, sorry) who taught me how to read half-price, which is pretty important I guess. Turns out, a lot of bars are half-price around the time we get out of school, but not the one we've been frequenting... (which we call 'bar restaurant'). So thats a pretty important lesson, too bad it's in the last week. For the record, he also pointed out a few bars that are all you can drink for 90mins, for around 10-15 bucks. Yeehaw, desu.

After that, my host mother escorted me around the giant mall complex and took me to dinner, so I've got another photo of me eating. At least I'm not smiling look a goofy idiot in this one.. ha! The other photo is me in front of a giant float sorta thing, one of about 30 that high school kids made for a parade/festival in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, I missed the actual parade (it was Friday night, while we were partying in Susukino) but Shige-san took me took the high school Sunday morning to check 'em out in the daylight, and they're pretty impressive.. I think the kids made them entirely themselves, and had to carry them by hand around the neighborhood. My high school was different.

I went ahead and posted a few pics of the night-time parade, even though I wasn't there, because it's pretty cool.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sunday morning in Japan

whew.. sorry for the long delay, it has been pretty busy around here.

Here's a pic of me at the bath, and Yoshiyasu-san and I at a bar, and Shige-san and I ate a restaurant on a lake.

Our school work has really ramped up for the last week, leading up to a final exam and presentation (for group 3, at least). It's pretty scary stuff for me, because all of the vocabulary is new and presentation format is kinda specific.. so I'm spending every morning sorta rehearsing the lines of my 'script'. As well as all the other stuff for school that are unrelated to the presentation.

Anyways, life outside of school is pretty great! Friday night we went to Emily's host family's friend's bar, where we were treated awesomely, given a little private room with food and drinks, and even a guitar, haha! So we played a few songs (though we were a bit embarassed) and it was nice to be able to play a bit.. it's been 3 weeks or so, and thats tough. Afterwards Emily and I explored Susukino some more, looking for live music - which is surprisingly difficult. Eventually we found a tiny little jazz club, and I think they were more or less wrapping up as we walked in, but they went ahead and did another set, mostly for us (i think..)

Because we're so obviously foreigners, we get a lot of attention.. so at this cozy little club we got to talk with everyone there. Pretty cool.. most of them were musicians, and one of them loved doing card tricks, so we saw lots of neat sleight-of-hand stuff, and then played some Japanese bridge games (emily won once).

Saturday I went to another public bath with Yoshiyasu (one of my host brothers), this one was like a spa, i think (having never been to an American spa).. it had a lot of tubs with different temperatures, some outside, as well as these rooms that are like saunas, but without the steam.. just hot rooms. They were awesome, especially after a night of drinking.

I skipped over a whole week of stories (and photos).. I'm sorta bummed about the website stuff, and it sorta tempered my enthusiasm (unfortunately). Only a week left, so we'll try and do better..


Saturday, July 03, 2010

Just a few quick pictures before I go to bed, from our recent adventure to a surprisingly awesome park just outside of Sapporo, full of crazy statues of granite (i think) including a recreation of Stonehenge and those Easter Island heads, and a whole bunch of Buddhas spread throughout.. if you look closely, you can see Shigeyasu-san (one of my host brothers) and I in front of the Daibutsu.


Friday, July 02, 2010

Just a quick one...

It is Saturday, about noon here.. After a pretty good night of partying in Sususkino (entertainment district of town) I've had a slow morning, breakfast and coffee and studying, not bad. Susukino was a crazy adventure, I think Emily has some pictures - we'll post those eventually.

Then I hopped on the computer to check my email, and the whole website has been taken down for some kinda malware/virus problem, and I can't figure out what to do! It's a bit of a problem, being in Japan and all.. and the email I got says I have 15 days before they delete everything!

If anyone knows how to get a hold of Wes Shirley, maybe he can help.. I'm not entirely sure what the problem is, but it affects both and, and if that stuff got deleted it might never get rebuilt, which would be a bummer.

thanks and love and such -


I gotta run now, but hopefully Wes can hear about this somehow.. if not, I'll start figuring out international phone calls.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

This is our most recent group activity, Kado - a traditional Japanese flower arranging art.

The whole PSU crew with our arrangements.

My work in progress.

Last night we attended an international student exchange barbeque. We played huge games of tug-o-war and tag -- very fun and cross-cultural! Aaron bought a 6-pack of Sapporo tallboys to share with our new friends, Ken-san, Naoya-san and Dai-san.

Last week we visited Okura Yama, site of the 1972 winter Olympics 90-meter ski jump. This is the view of Sapporo from the chair lift.

The past week has been heavy with Japanese language classes, every morning I think.. with one day 2 in a row. So that has been a little intense, but also good. I (Aaron) somehow tested into the hardest of 3 levels, (I was aiming for level 2) so I'm in a little over my head sometimes, but my host family is super helpful - I'm sure I learn more Japanese at home than at school, but it's different stuff.

The BBQ thing was pretty fun, but it involved a lot of physical activity. An epic 4 team game of tug o' war (tsunahiki) that my team was destined to lose, and then a crazy form of tag (O Nagokko, i think) that lasted about an hour nearly killed me, I think. Luckily, I had that 6 pack of beer waiting for me, so I was able to persevere and make friends.

We're still having a hard time finding a good place to hang out and drink and relax (local dive bar, for example).. perhaps they're not the same here, every place we've been to has been a little stiff, or something. Tomorrow night we go to Susukino, an entertainment district of town.. I mentioned it to Shige-san, one of my host brothers, and I think he used the word erotic to describe it. Not sure though..

Also, this morning I found out Yoshiyasu-san, my other host brother, has the same birthday as me. That's pretty cool.

This morning we had a lecture on robotics, which was awesome. Hokudai has some fairly neat robotic stuff, although it seems real-world oriented, like controlling vibrations in machinery and buildings. At first I was a little disappointed, but then he started showing amazing videos of autonomous robots navigating hallways and playing soccer and such, and it kinda blew my mind. He also had a little robot dog-like thing, which was pre-programmed (not autonomous) but still pretty cute.

Tomorrow is Friday, no Japanese class.. probably won't have much to post until Monday, but we'll see.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Kikkoman Factory Tour

It's Tuesday morning, a few hours before an organized field-trip to the coastal town of Otaru. Yesterday after Japanese class we went to the Kikkoman factory where we learned a bit about soy sauce, which I think I can share with you. 3 ingredients, Soy beans, Wheat, and Salt.. plus a microbe, which might be called Kikkoman Aspergillis, but I should get Emily to help me with that microbiology stuff. 6 months later, Soy Sauce! Apparently not a lot has changed over 350 years of constant manufacture, just more computers to help control temperature and oxygen. The manufacturing process wasn't terribly enthralling, but the employees were awesome. Super attentive and friendly and excited, I think they were all really proud of what they were doing, and that was more impressive than the bottling machinery or whatnot.

Afterwards, back in Sapporo, we wandered down to a local bar and had a drink, which is still a little bit of a problem.. we can't seem to find local dive bar-type establishments, and always end up in more expensive restaurant things, which are starting to get a little predictable, and aren't entirely comfortable. oh well.. we are a giant gaijin parade, i suppose. We'd probably ruin whatever comfortable bar atmosphere we found. Saaa..

Yesterday I couldn't get the camera, website, and computer to all work together in harmony at the same time, so no pictures yet.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just got back from an awesome adventure in the mountains outside of Sapporo, where my host family took me to a famous mineral spring (near the base of the moutain in the picture). Pretty amazing stuff, no doubt. Thats my host mother and I in front of the mountain on the drive up there.

At the spring we wandered around and drank the water, which some people collected by the kiloliter, using big plastic bottles and carts on wheels (we collected a single bottle). On the way back down to Sapporo, we stopped at another spring (a hot one) and dipped our feet for a bit (that's my host mother's daughter and husband). Near this hot spring was another Shinto shrine [edit: not Shinto, actually Buddhist], with an awesome cave full of statues of Buddhas and such.. pretty cool place, and I got a little fortune thing (O Mikubi) which was apparently the best one you could get, although I could only read a tiny bit of it.

Last night we went out to a buffet sort of restaurant, only with a grill built into the center of the table, so we cooked our own meat and vegetables. They also had all sorts of other stuff of course, sushi and ice cream and fruit and on and on and on.. fun stuff, and it was cool that we all had to kinda help each other cook while we ate, to keep stuff moving around. The picture is of me eating sushi, which my host family is still impressed by.. I tried to explain to them that I really like some sushi, but I don't think they believed me.

Before that, Emily and I went to the flower festival in the middle of Sapporo (Odori park, if you have a map) and wandered around the crazy shopping mall city nearby, where we ate some ramen for lunch before going to Emily's host mother's house for an informal tea ceremony lesson, which was pretty interesting.. including rare and expensive treats from the southern end of Honshu and family heirloom tea cups worth something like 20,000 dollars! wow.

We'll have time tomorrow (Monday) to post another blog entry and upload some more pictures, so I'll stop here.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Taro-chan wa kawaii inu desu!

I think the dog, Taro, has been a great ice-breaker. I love dogs and Taro is very sweet. He can do some simple tricks like high-five and sit up tall and balance on his hind legs. During meals, he sits next to the table and begs with a funny-sounding voice. Okaasan is pretty strict about not feeding him from the table, but Otoosan is a softie!

When we go for a walk, Taro-chan can be left outside of a shop without being tied up -- Okaasan just tells him "matte" and he waits until we come back and doesn`t run away. When we get back from a walk, Okaasan carries him into the house, straight to the washroom, and washes his feet (because he doesn`t have shoes to take off.) She is pretty diligent about keeping outside ground/inside ground separate.

PS - Local time is 1:25 pm on Tuesday.
PSS - Happy Father`s Day, Dad! (Sorry no card)


This is yesterday`s breakfast and the smallest meal my host mother has served so far!


My host parent`s house and the park across the street.


emily & amanda woods on the streets of Sapporo, after successfully buying a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

my room (2nd floor corner room) with a nice breeze and awesome windows. it has a little desk for my school work and closet for my clothes, so i'm practically back home.

this is just a quick one, before the day starts -

yesterday was the language placement test, which was a little bit nerve-wracking. i think i did alright on the written stuff (kanji is still a problem) but i feel like i really messed up in the interview, so that was disappointing.

on the other hand, some of the students on campus here have been really friendly and have allowed me to practice a lot of Japanese (some of them are English majors!), and we had a little welcome party last night with more conversation practice. at the end of the day (after biking home in the dark) i was pretty tired, so i pretty much went to bed right away.

we also went on a little adventure in the late afternoon, wandering around Sapporo where we found a little bar and had a few drinks, which is really great.. much appreciated break from the hectic worrying..


today is an easy day, no classes, just touring and sight-seeing, so we'll be able to post some pictures soon.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day, I think..

It is Sunday night here in Sapporo, the evening before our first day at school, and it has already been a whirlwind experience. I've spent the past 36 hours or so in a near constant low-level confusion, but my Japanese has gotten a lot better!

I've got an awesome homestay family, the Saito family, and they've been amazingly supportive and energetic (and understanding) towards my clumsy attempts to get situated and such. ..and I've eaten more food in a day in a half than I would in a week back home, I think.

So far, as a quick rundown since Emily's post -
After breakfast we met at the school (Hokkaido Univ) and milled about waiting for our hosts to arrive, which was surprisingly nerve-wracking. Needlessly, as the hosts and school administration has gone to great lengths to prepare everyone over here for us, and Emily's host family and mine took us to lunch together before we seperated. Since then, I've been around Sapporo on bike (they've got a bike for my school commute!) and been to the supermarket (disorienting), gone to Sato-land (a sort to cross between a park and amusement park, and another park with giant fountains and bike racing and little mountains. I had written in my introduction letter that I like hiking and biking, and they've been concerned that I wouldn't get a chance.. so I get quite a bit today.

..and so much food! I don't think I could detail/catalogue it all, but it's amazing. They really appreciate food around here, I think.. French, Chinese, Korean, and of course Japanese in abundance, as well as interesting versions of American food.. and lots of sweets. I think I've gained weight.

Tomorrow morning (Monday) is the first day of school, with a placement test first thing in the morning, and it'll be the first time I've seen Emily since yesterday morning.. which doesn't sound like a long time but it feels like a very very long time. So tomorrow is another big day, looking forward to it, blah blah..

Oh! It's also Father's Day in Japan, too. I watched some crazy show that seemed similar to 'kids say the darnedest things' or whatever, but it was all cute little kids saying things about their fathers (i think... umm..) anyhow, it's 3am or so where my dad is, so I'm gonna skip the phone call.

Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Christian Center

This is the sort of hostel-type place we stayed at the first night, before meeting our host families.

Breakfast spread.


Poor big Mike . . . everything is so small for him, including the door frames

. . .and Arrival!

Clearly we were all a little less fresh-faced and bright-eyed after a day of traveling and crossing the date line, arriving *finally* at New Chitose airport in Sapporo on Friday night.

Wow! A cigarette machine. Neat.


Bright and early Thursday morning at PDX airport. . . Marina and Amanda were on our flight. The transit was long, but relatively smooth. I ate fast-food poutine at the Vancouver airport *shout out, Helen Hedberg!*

Everything about the Japanese flights was pretty adorable -- I tried to get a little video clip of the safety video, which was emceed and enacted by these little cartoon avatars who would make animaeish facial expressions when, say, the person in front of them put their seat back abruptly, or tripped over bags left in the aisle. Totemo kawaii desu nee! Also, the stewardesses were all very cute, with these puffy silken neck scarves and JAL aprons of cotton fabric enprinted with fantastical old-fashioned hot air balloon flight machines.

Aaron and I sat next to a sweet 6-year-old and her mother on the 10+ hour flight from Vancouver to Tokyo. The girl, whose name was Erika, goes to a French-immersion school in Vancouver, but is Japanese (she and her mom were flying to visit family) and also speaks English. Smart girl! She shared her Japanese snacks with us on the plane, and we played some video games on the in-flight entertainment screen.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

day after tomorrow!

no photo for today, but wanted to keep up with maintaining the blog habit.
we just got home from our last camaro island practice before we leave. it was a pretty decent practice, i must say-- we just wrote a 2-hour set list and went for it. ed recorded the session, so maybe he can get rich some day in case we don't come back from japan (HA! and ~knockonwood~)

we got a lot of little errands done today. tomorrow: final load of laundry and cleaning, pay bills, and PACK! ohmygoshimasu!

Monday, June 14, 2010


whew! i finished this crosstitch just in time -- it is for Yoshida-sensei at Richmond to thank her for allowing me to infiltrate her classroom for the last half a year. i know haiku is sort of a complicated art, and i'm sure mine is naively elementary, but i think she'll appreciate the sentiment:

i hope this means something like:
"in this classroom, beautiful songs resound."

i discovered that the crosstitch medium is sort of difficult to work with for writing hiragana, but it's probably because i'm not even THAT comfortable writing it pencil-to-paper yet.

now to decide which yarn and knitting supplies to bring with me. . . .

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spring Festival

at Richmond Elementary.

Yoshida-sensei passionately directed the kindergarteners in the singing of several Japanese songs with gestures. She is a musical genius with the kids.

I was so tickled to meet Poncho from the Moshi Moshi program!

Richmond Elementary

Me with my kindergarten class at Richmond Japanese Immersion School. Totemo suki desu!

Atarashi zishyoo desu yo!

I can't believe I'm blogging! I'm attempting to prepare myself for the advent of a photo chroniclation of our impending trip to Japan. You know, because I lack the tech savvy.

This is a picture of me with my new dictionary. Nakanaka ii zishyoo desu nee. . .

study buddy

Last week, Indiana kept me company while I studied for the ACS Organic Chemistry exam. This week, I recycled about 30 pounds of O-chem related papers from the past year. I will miss that class, really.

Hangover Brunch

So we can feel human again.