Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The MythMagic Special

The Sons of Ja'rel are pleased and proud to present their twelfth album, THE MYTHMAGIC SPECIAL.

Recorded by and large while Jacob was in Portland, and mostly over the span of a day and a party, it's an epic work.

7 songs.

21 minutes.

1 - Seedless Watermelon
2 - Cat Masquerade
3 - Sabrina Sings
4 - Bird Flu
5 - Business Math
6 - Give Yourself A High Five!
7 - Sabrina Speaks

most of the 'music' is me.. most of the vocals and lyrics are jacob, with emily doing some singing and writing also. sabrina did all her own bits, while i wasn't looking.. so did matt. kaylor and shook figure into it also, i imagine.