Monday, July 31, 2006

evil alien costume

here's some EAC stuff we've been working on.

6th Planet Malaria

Last Train

We Got Twins

i mostly just play drums on it, and sing a bit.. and harmonica. JonPaul does the bass and moog stuff, and sings. Matt sings and plays guitar, Emily plays keybords and accordion, and trumpets and chimalong. Zach plays trumpet and does a lot of push-ups.

it'd be nice to record more songs, but i'm not sure how much time we'll have.. we gotta pack up the studio here on morrison st and move outta the house, find a new place to live and such. it's possible the studio will change dramatically in the next month or two. i'll have to see what kinda songs i can write then. i might have to lose the piano, which would be sad.

evil alien costume on MySpace

Monday, July 10, 2006

These Simple Machines

well my assemly work is through
and somehow word got back to you
i'm inclined to agree to see the sky as "blue"
if you're saying you're sorry
then maybe he can call me on the phone
i'll sing my favorite song:
oh oh oh oh oh

i'm a rock tasked to plumb the sea
the ocean floor is conscience clean
and these simple machines perform like you won't believe
that broke-spine book on the floor
are the instructions you're looking for

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Drama's a Rot


Drama's a Rot

do do de doo doop

with your win i'm torn under and left alone, is that right? i don't think so. we can all be replaced. it's all a dream, like we put on faces and lace up. i've ended it through and through, the lies i told were true, i'm gonna sing:

" " " "
this drama's a rot, but it's here whether i like it or not

rising local tension