Saturday, June 16, 2007

Night Time Coffee

the other day Said the Gramophone wrote a little thing about Rich Enough to Ignore It, which is awesome. i really like those guys, and its a pretty cool compliment.. it's a blog of really good songs, you know. ha!
i just sorta lifted this outta there.. hope that's okay.
thanks, Sean!

The Leaning Towers - "Rich Enough to Ignore It". In music, in art, the why-didn't-wes are rarely meted out like this. Usually it's dragging feet, dusty drums, a weary man hounded by flashbacks. Here: tambourine, tuba, synths, fanfare, and of course that golden guitar-line. The guitar never leaves the moment of open possibility; it curls back over and over it, like a life can always be remade. The song seems... happy. Resigned to its regrets, comfortable in its shoes. Nostalgic in a pool of warm tender sun. "Probably should be singing redemption songs / instead of filling out exemption forms."

and i wrote this thursday, 'cause i had the day off of work. emily says it sounds like Wilco, and the more i worked on it, the more it did.. ha!

Night Time Coffee

i really like the funny synth noise that pops up every now and then with the cool rhythm..