Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a critique of pure music day 2

making beats, making beats.. need to find some of those rapper guys.

Monday, January 30, 2012

a critique of pure music

well, for the past week i've been pretty distracted, trying to make beats and hip hop instrumentals - which has turned out to be pretty cool.. although i'm not sure what to do with 'em. they're all short (i'm trying to work with about a 1 minute end result..) and pretty simple.. but it's all kinda theoretical/experimental until i can find some other people and get some songs together.

so i figure i'll start posting 'em, and maybe i can find some hip hop types who want to collaborate..


hmm.. well, i got 20 more of these right now, so maybe i'll just limit myself to these few for now.. i'm not sure how the internets will handle my flood of mp3s in one post, so..

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Alexander Sunset

Alexander Sunset

here's a little bit of a theme song for alex.. for some reason, when i think of super hero themes, the first one that pops up is darkwing duck. i think that's a little odd, but maybe not.. there was a short window of time where i really liked watching tale spin, rescue rangers, ducktales, and darkwing duck after school.. although, at the time, i think tale spin was my favorite. always been scared/fascinated with flying, i think.

anyhow, emily is still outta town, so i didn't really give her a chance to call this one finished.. but i think it'll be okay. it's kinda important to the overall super hero concept album thing.. not unlike the few unfinished songs i have left. i wrote some good words for something i'm calling "the ballad of windy & alex".. and i think that'll get it pretty close to finished. yeehaw!

also, on an unrelated note:

craigslist musicians seem to be uncommunicative flakes. i'm kinda still in disbelief.. i've been looking for other musicians, bands, people on tour, maybe somebody needs a multi-instrumentalist who can leave for tour tomorrow - anything.. but nobody even really replies to my emails, and if i get a single email, there's no phone number or anything. i figured it would be easy to play with a few different people, especially here in portland, make some new contacts, whatevs.. i can't even do that. hmph. yeehaw.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Alexander Uses His Powers (why the hellknot?)

hahaha. today is monday, and i'm trying to finish up the a.f.c. stuff, which still includes another 5 or 6 tracks.. but this one is an odd one, a sorta dreamy noise wash.. mostly guitars feeding back in the old practice space, late at night.. it was pretty fun, using the acoustic and the electric to try and build these chords, moving around the room with the amp turned way up, trying to make the pretty noises.. kinda like whales or something. i can't make noises like this in the apartment, of course.. i keep trying to re-create those feedback swells and such, but it's never quite right..

Alexander Uses His Powers (why the hellknot?)

anyhow, i like how this one turned out.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Even Adam

Even Adam

the music for this song started off with a cool cowbell part, and i like that a lot. of course, now it's got a bunch of other stuff going on, and it's hard to hear how neat it is, but still.. cool cowbell part. it's also got attempts to move between three similar but seperate song ideas, and that proved kinda difficult.. the swirly psychedelia of the first third, and the major key guitar rock, and the end.. whatever that is. ha! it was kinda hard to mix 'em all together all the same song.. trying to make the guitars sound big in the 2nd part, etc etc..

in other news, recording for American Friction is still underway, but it's slow going.. after spending some time on a particular take of 'Martians' we decided to scrap it and start over. tough decision sometimes. oh well. on the other hand, another new song that may or may not be called 'Nudist' is sounding pretty awesome. and we got a show coming up, jan 12th, so i imagine it'll be more rehearsal than recording for now.