Thursday, April 26, 2007

Detention & Febrezio

last weekend Erik Becker (of King Hen) needed a band in the studio to finish out a recording class, and Evil Alien Costume was lucky enough to do it.. it was an all day saturday sorta thing, starting around 8 am. wow. but it turned out pretty well, and it was all on 1 inch tape, 8 tracks, very minimal overdubs.. just the vocals, i think. erik, jon, jesse, trailerpark studios, we thank you.

Detention 2:39
Febrezio 6:29 (wow!)

all this, and Evil Alien Costume is playing a show tonight, Tonic Lounge 4/26/7 - which is probably the last show we'll do.

Matt has to go to law school, you know. he's gotta grow up and starting flying right. i hope he stays golden, pony boy.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Pastel Phallus

Pastel Phallus - 2003
1 Prologue
2 Whale Quest
3 Kathy Sandstorm
4 Kid Prince Yucatan
5 Bomb Shelter
6 La Bette
7 A-E-I Oh You
8 Red Wine
9 Leaves Steele
10 Ballerina Accidens
11 Egoid
12 Wasabi
13 That Force Has Got Fine Controls

i don't have any artwork for this Sons of Ja'rel album.. i barely even had the music, G. Tony was nice enough to email all the tracks to me.. ha! and it's a pretty good album, i think.. lots of neat psychedelic pop songs, including Kathy Sandstorm, which goes all the way back to Planck's Constant in Ft. Collins, i guess. wow.

Wasabi came directly out of an evening at the Mulgrew School of Advancement, a home-made sushi party spearheaded by Colae Johnson.. ahh memories. better than reality, often. in any case, you don't fuck around with wasabi.

in addition, i got this song from X=Object, called Talkin 'Bout Chairs which is the closest i can get to the song about chairs that James wants.. i think, in a super-rare bit of editing, we chopped the chair song down into this 30 second noise bit.. perhaps you can imagine how the three minute version went from this. it was probably noisy. i can't remember why we decided to do this.. it's almost an anti-Sons of Ja'rel idea, so it was probably for the best.

ironic that James would want one song from all of the sons of ja'rel catalog, and it doesn't exist. hmph.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mazer Razor

recently i've been on a feverish run of sons of ja'rel enthusiasm, trying to track down and listen to all the albums and such.. it's quite an undertaking, but i think they've all been located. it looks like thirteen (!) albums in all, from 'Penpricker' in 2001 to 'The Mythmagic Special' in 2006.. pretty crazy.

Mazer Razor is possibly my favorite sons of ja'rel song of all time.. but that's kinda hard to say. g. tony has an iconic bass line on this song, which isn't represented on this original version, sadly, but i can hear it clearly...

it's on the album X=Object, that started out as a concept album about a comet that flies too close to Earth and animates the mundane objects.. like chairs, for example. it was recorded on 4 track, for some reason, at the 65th and Foster house.. i'm sure G. Tony was involved somehow.. he's definately a part of Backdoor to Heaven. . ha!

X=Object - 2003

1 The Comet
2 Drop Dead
3 Lonely Object
4 Locusts, Ha!
5 Talkin 'Bout Chairs
6 The Sultan
7 Celebrate (the earth doesn't)
8 Stranger Object
9 Pain and Being
10 Robots
11 Mazer Razor
12 The Procession of the Greater Trocanter
13 Summer Day
14 In Your Mind
15 Backdoor into Heaven
16 Outro

Sunday, April 08, 2007

I'll Change

portland is really gorgeous right now.. the sun is out, the flowers and trees are in bloom, the grass is green and the dogs are happy.. good times.

i've been working hard on all sorts of scattered stuff.. a lot of music in a lot of different areas, mostly writing and working on King Hen songs in preparation for a big end of summer tour, about a month long (!).. that'll be the longest i've ever gone out on the road. and it looks pretty promising, 'cause we're gonna try and spend the majority of the trip on the east coast, where i haven't spent much time. very cool..

in addition, i've been working on a bunch of little ideas for short films or a collection of short films or something.. a lot of learning about cameras and editing and digital media and blah blah.. not to mention scripts and actors and costumes and such..

all the while, i've been fooling around with songs of course.. this one is for Wes, who is out in Denver these days, i think. i got this little delay box thing working again, which can sorta oscillate the pitch of a repeating echo in a sine wave shape (i think).. which is really awesome, but sorta difficult to work with.. but i got pretty excited. in this song, there is a keyboard that comes in about halfway through that has an example. neat-o.

I'll Change

but it's much too beautiful to sit around writing nonsense on the internet.