Monday, April 23, 2007

Pastel Phallus

Pastel Phallus - 2003
1 Prologue
2 Whale Quest
3 Kathy Sandstorm
4 Kid Prince Yucatan
5 Bomb Shelter
6 La Bette
7 A-E-I Oh You
8 Red Wine
9 Leaves Steele
10 Ballerina Accidens
11 Egoid
12 Wasabi
13 That Force Has Got Fine Controls

i don't have any artwork for this Sons of Ja'rel album.. i barely even had the music, G. Tony was nice enough to email all the tracks to me.. ha! and it's a pretty good album, i think.. lots of neat psychedelic pop songs, including Kathy Sandstorm, which goes all the way back to Planck's Constant in Ft. Collins, i guess. wow.

Wasabi came directly out of an evening at the Mulgrew School of Advancement, a home-made sushi party spearheaded by Colae Johnson.. ahh memories. better than reality, often. in any case, you don't fuck around with wasabi.

in addition, i got this song from X=Object, called Talkin 'Bout Chairs which is the closest i can get to the song about chairs that James wants.. i think, in a super-rare bit of editing, we chopped the chair song down into this 30 second noise bit.. perhaps you can imagine how the three minute version went from this. it was probably noisy. i can't remember why we decided to do this.. it's almost an anti-Sons of Ja'rel idea, so it was probably for the best.

ironic that James would want one song from all of the sons of ja'rel catalog, and it doesn't exist. hmph.


James said...

And, from the archives, comes a photo of the fateful encounter with too much wasabi.

As for Kathy Sandstorm. It took me a while to remember, but it all came crashing back: Eggs, Kathy, Sand, Rocky Mountains.

Thanks for trying to get chairs. I too am shocked that there is less material rather than more .

Aaron MacDonald said...

oh man, that's a good picture.

you can see the bunny skull on his boots in the back!

Jacob said...

Just seeing that thing hurts.

I can't emphasize this enough people, you DO NOT fuck around with wasabi!

Greg said...

Pussies! It's only horseraddish! Get yourself some real wasabi!

It's like a ft collins reunion here!