Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Matt's Birthday

monday was matt's birthday - true story. we had a barbeque, it was lovely. i ate a hot dog, drank some beer, played a bit of lawn bowling. it was lovely.

in addition, the friday prior was a final Volumes show, at tiger bar. it was lovely.

yesterday i had the day off, so i started playing piano and came up with this funny little chord progression and ascending bass line bit.. by the time emily got home from work i had just about finished the song. it was a bit of a headache figuring out the lyrics, but i think it worked.

Matt's Birthday

the mirror ghosts can start the show and celebration on my knees
i won't fight back, i didn't really bring the meat you know
if that's the case then santa fe'll be right back
i was superb, i was sleeping and safe
your eyelids are a likeness
as you can see, the song's about me

"lets go to las vegas" - find a way to trade places
"ching ching a ling" - you oughta know, you gotta sing out on your birthday

you used to be our favorite daughter, now your bag shakes out make believe
i can never lose 'cause the wind is on my team
just 23, what have you seen? a lotta tv, entertainment ain't free
born aloft on the steam, a bird lost at sea

so lets go toe to toe

her eyes have the steam of an ancient machine rusting
she puts on one hell of a show
i gotta confess that that zipper dress haunts me
you put on one hell of a show, she's got me singing

hugged up to the mother, glad she wasn't fit to set you free
i can always win 'cause the universe will bend to my belief
just 23, what have you seen? a lotta tv, entertainment ain't free
steer into trees, maybe death sets us free

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I Couldn't Really Give A Fuck


so, i wrote a few songs the other day, (one glorious sunday, actually).. and of the three, this one really stands out as hilarious fun-time stuffs.

I Couldn't Really Give A Fuck 3:34

i think it makes a lot of sense.

it's got some backwards guitar, which is pretty cool.. i spent some time working on it, trying to play with the song in reverse and such. it's some head-trippy stuff, bra. i also love all the harmonica on it.

i've been listening to the theme song from mr. belvedere a lot lately. and WKRP.