Monday, May 26, 2008

beautiful creature

beautiful creature

we got the ray guns
we got follow through
we pray the aluminum angel
get us altitude

at the top of the mountain
we don't lower our eyes
we trick them by staring, directly
the lack of shame a disguise

such a beautiful creature
with a scheme at the sky
those pasted on feathers are clearly a lie

i escaped once at recess
broke my mom's heart in half
that was the first time the walls bit
it was the last time she laughed

but i hated my teachers
so i spread my arms wide
and jumped off a two-story

as i write this, it's early monday morning and i'm watching 'the Great Escape' on AMC.. pretty great. steve mcqueen.

we had the music to this song for awhile.. i had kinda forgotten about it while working on the Siamese Dream stuff, but a few days ago we listened to it and i had a bit of inspiration, enough for some lyrics and what-not. i think it turned out pretty well, the best bits are probably emily's chorus vocals.. those are fucking awesome. and i kinda like the guitar solo, too.. ha!

of course, the impetus for such activity is largely Leah B Green... she's gonna take an MCAT test tuesday, so hopefully she's getting rest and eating well, and maybe this song will bring the answers more readily to her consciousness. or something. good luck, leah. and break a leg.