Thursday, July 31, 2008

the first things to do..

well, just a half hour ago we finally got the intranets up and running at the new house - and i'm very excited about it.. i have a long list of stuff to accomplish, a whole host of bills to pay and emails to check and work to finish, but i'd rather post a song or two..

it's a bit of house cleaning, with the idea of starting fresh in the new studio, which is looking quite promising. did i mention i was very excited? i am.

this is an intro song i'd made for the bungie podcast.. they make Halo, which i'm quite fond of. ..and an interlude, which i never gave 'em 'cause it didn't do much. but it's pretty enough.

bungie podcast intro 1
bungie podcast interlude 1

intro lyrics:
b - u - n - g - i - e - p - o - d - c - a - s - t (bungie podcast!) has arrived, finally.
where do you go when you need a BR? (hey lars!)
let's play more ranked so we can lose the gold bars
what's up with the plunger guy?
is the master chief gonna be replaced?
will bungie's slingshot work this time?
if brian and luke won't say we'll have to wait for bungie day..

i also have another nerd alert thing worth posting, and a few instrumental bits i think i'll post.. and at least five "new" songs, but i don't think they'll make the cut. and after that, all new (hopefully awesome) songs from the new studio! yeehaw.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Nerd Alert Jingles, mostly..

jonpaul and mark used to do a podcast, called Nerd Alert.. or maybe Nerd Alert, Nerd Alert.

it was funny stuff, and emily and i would write little songs for them, especially intros and outros, but also little recurring themes for specific segments. i kinda thought of the leaning towers as paul schaffer and the cbs orchestra. and jonpaul and mark as david letterman. i suppose one of them would be that red-haired announcer guy, or biff the security guy.

emily says totes.

anyway, the podcast seems to be over.. and i thought we'd just post some of the things we did, they're sometimes funny and catchy.

writer strike 2
nerd alert intro lost
nerd alert intro 3
nerd alert outro 3

there are more of these, of course.. intros and outros for all the episodes, plus little bits, but i think we'd rather just do more podcasts.. so mark and jonpaul should get back to work.