Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Nerd Alert Jingles, mostly..

jonpaul and mark used to do a podcast, called Nerd Alert.. or maybe Nerd Alert, Nerd Alert.

it was funny stuff, and emily and i would write little songs for them, especially intros and outros, but also little recurring themes for specific segments. i kinda thought of the leaning towers as paul schaffer and the cbs orchestra. and jonpaul and mark as david letterman. i suppose one of them would be that red-haired announcer guy, or biff the security guy.

emily says totes.

anyway, the podcast seems to be over.. and i thought we'd just post some of the things we did, they're sometimes funny and catchy.

writer strike 2
nerd alert intro lost
nerd alert intro 3
nerd alert outro 3

there are more of these, of course.. intros and outros for all the episodes, plus little bits, but i think we'd rather just do more podcasts.. so mark and jonpaul should get back to work.

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