Monday, October 27, 2008


this is.. umm.. day 8 of unemployment, i guess. sad face. i've filled a few applications and sent a resume, but no replies yet. sad face. i feel like i should accomplish more creatively, but i'm pretty bummed out and always feel like i need to be finding work.. which isn't doing much to cheer me up. ha! and then i have 'band practice' just about every night of the week, but it often feels like a waste of time, a luxury.. that's a new feeling. band practice used to be a responsibility, right up there with all the other big time things i have to do. oh well. blah blah. i have written a few bitter songs and what-not.. emily's been trying to help out with a couple of pretty good ones, so i've shelved those in favor of finishing this one..


i also have a picture! i'm not sure who took it, but it was given to me by G. Tony Jacobs (the bass player in the picture) and i think it must've been taken by Dan or Colae.. i like it. that's the one Leaning Towers show we've played, for their wedding. for the record, we played two cover songs and Beautiful Creature, an original.. short set, hopefully we kept them wanting more.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

rivers run downstream

day two of unemployment, not much to say... i've got band practice every night except thursday, when the king hen plays a show at the Tonic Lounge, so that's keeping my nights busy enough.. and during the day? songs.

i've got a few things that are kinda neat, including two pretty things that just need more lyrics.. yesterdays big effort, "evidence, a pop song" is coming along nicely, i think i can finish that pretty quickly, but for today:

Rivers Run Downstream

this has emily rocking out on the bass - thats always a treat.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

mermaid babies

well, i lost my job yesterday at The Portland Mercury.. i'd worked there for a little over four years, first as a distribution driver with emily, and then as an advertising runner. they were always really cool to me, let me take time off for touring and always treated me well, and it allowed me to work just a few days a week and still make ends meet while working on music. fairly ideal situation, i think.. so it's sad that it has to come to a close..

and then, well i didn't want the last song we'd posted to be dayjob, so i figured i'd better finish something else and post it.. this one wasn't the first choice, but i spent so much time working on this other song and i couldn't quite finish it.. well, anyways, i wanted to post something, so here it is..

Mermaid Babies

i like the lead guitar and all the crazy drums on this one.. i kinda thought it was a little like Keith Moon at times.. with a big windmill guitar.. and i kept it short, 'cause i've always like the little short rock tunes.

Sunday, October 12, 2008



i'm not sure what happened, but this was supposed to be posted a few days ago.. oh well.

this was all words and chords that i had for a few weeks after the wedding, but it didn't seem nearly substantial enough for a song.. two verses and a guitar solo is all i had.. so i dropped that big D minor change into it and got a little weird, i really like that.. the accordion comes in and the odd drum exchange, neat-o.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

ichi ni san shi

ichi ni san shi

well, i finished two songs today, which is pretty cool.. they've both been sorta stalled out for at least a month, so i feel good about closing 'em out and posting them. this one here was one of the first things i did in the basement with drums, but it was difficult to bring together all the elements.. the keyboards and the hundred guitars and all the different parts.. on and on, it was a pain.. but as always, once i could get emily to stop studying and going to school all the time, she came down and recorded some more vocals and keyboards, and it made a lot more sense, sounded a lot better, and so we're gonna call it finished.

hmm.. that's quite a run on paragraph. oh well.

busy week here - last night we went out to see Deerhoof and Experimental Dental School (who are locals now?).. pretty great, inspiring stuff.. but we knew it would be, we've been fans of both bands for awhile now. tonight and tomorrow are band practices.. friday the King Hen has a show at towne lounge, and we haven't played out in awhile. lots of stuff going on..