Monday, July 31, 2006

evil alien costume

here's some EAC stuff we've been working on.

6th Planet Malaria

Last Train

We Got Twins

i mostly just play drums on it, and sing a bit.. and harmonica. JonPaul does the bass and moog stuff, and sings. Matt sings and plays guitar, Emily plays keybords and accordion, and trumpets and chimalong. Zach plays trumpet and does a lot of push-ups.

it'd be nice to record more songs, but i'm not sure how much time we'll have.. we gotta pack up the studio here on morrison st and move outta the house, find a new place to live and such. it's possible the studio will change dramatically in the next month or two. i'll have to see what kinda songs i can write then. i might have to lose the piano, which would be sad.

evil alien costume on MySpace


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