Saturday, January 07, 2006


ahhh weekends.. good times. coffee all day, free time, no worries.

anyhow, this morning was mostly spent finishing this song.. which emily had planned on putting not one, but two (!) violin tracks on.. but alas, there is no violin.

we've been having some problems lately, i suppose. i get mad at emily, she gets frustrated with me.. blah blah.

so there you go. 'Quitter' is loosely based around a girl we know.. but it's more particularly about psychology and issues and truth and such. jacob got me thinking about Freud again.. i had a pretty good time writing it, 'cause it's kinda odd.. it's got a bunch of F and Fsus and Ab maj stuff.. weird key signatures and odd times, yet still trying to be poppy. i spent way too much time trying to play the piano.

i bet it would've sounded awesome with a few violin tracks on it, you know.

it's also an experiment in using the drum set to fufill the role of a drum machine.. i spent more time on the actual drums for this one, layering real drums. it was a bit of work, but worth figuring out.

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