Wednesday, January 11, 2006

One Foot

oh man.. last night was a pretty good night. the famous wayward explorer/writer colin just plopped down in portland again, and i haven't seen him in.. 3 or 4 months or something, and i haven't seen matt in a while either, it seems. between working two jobs and this song project, i've become a lot less social. so last night was whiskey at the aalto.

welcome back colin.

so yesterday i didn't work, and had the opportunity to make this crazy thing.. i really like it. it's one of my better lyrical efforts, i think, plus the structure is good/odd and it has a few mathy bits that fit into the phrasing. it sounds neat to me.

you get twenty things to weigh you down
just one thing to hold you up
now you find it in the mud - cast off
we should lay our hearts on top
of all the secrets we keep locked
no one else will get to know the love we're clutching

you put one foot in front of the other foot
thats how you get through the day
all the life that i've been living
to hope is to waste - it's just been given
by jesters that swim in the sky

when we meet our eyes don't see
that if we bought our misery
from each other we might have a new thing
waking up a week from now
find ourselves wondering how
in the trade-off we ended up losing

this was an easy one to write, i guess. i had the acoustic guitar and drums down right away, with all the breaks and that odd C-C# math bit. then i put down that ambient noise part in the back, all flanged out, and then the bass line. then i started to get lyrics for it, and alternated singing and playing the distorted mandolin until it started to make sense. kinda.
i wanted accordion or piano on it, but by the time i got around to it, the song was pretty full up. no room.

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