Friday, January 20, 2006


man, it's good to be back! i really missed doing the song project, and i was only gone a week.. it's become an addiction, i think. i'm comfortable with that. i think even emily is a little addicted, she was excited to get back to 'work'.

so here we go.. my parents didn't have the piano at the house anymore, so i was kinda sad about that, but i did go on a long hike in the mountains to a ghost town and check out some abandoned mines - that was pretty cool. so i wrote a bunch of lyrics and fragments and bits over the week, and dug into 'em as soon as i arrived home.

the first fruit from said tree is 'Carpenteria' - referring to the carpenter who makes the pine caskets. this is mostly a story in the book Warlock by Oakley Hall published in 1958, it says. i got it from morgan the night we were partying, new year's eve i guess. thanks morgan. It's a great book, a western about a mining town and a marshall and such, very appropriate and coincidental with all the colorado mining adventures i just had.

so i came home and started recording guitars, trying to do less chords and more single lines.. two or three acoustic guitars, a bass (with a neat line!) then a slide guitar, accordion, piano, tambourine.. umm.. drum machine (oh yeah! i got a new drum machine!) lots of singing.. then emily got home from work and sang a bit and put down violin (she did really well), and we went out to eat. we got a bottle of wine.

good to be home. point juncture, wa is playing at mississippi studios friday night (tonight) and then we go to astoria for a saturday party gig, so it'll be tight to get all my songs done and uploaded.. but i think i can do it.

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