Monday, January 09, 2006

Having Teeth Is A Torture

true story: i've been watching and listening to a lot of musicals lately.. i've seen 'once upon a matress' and 'the fantastiks' and 'the music man' and 'jesus christ superstar' and listened to 'sound of music'.. and i have 'hair' in front of me. i have this plan to write something bigger if i ever have a chance, like a concept album or something.. i've dabbled in it before, and i think i can pull something of,. and i've never really appreciated musical theatre, either. i'm not sure that i like it, yet, either, but it's not all bad.

anyhow, the point of this - a lot of these songs are lines of individual instruments, orchestrated together.. the instruments vary, but there's very little in the way of a stated chord.. unlike most of the music i do, unlike most pop music.

so this song started as an attempt to run some lines together.. i was thinking of a sinewy guitar song, like 31knots math-rock style or something.. i ended up with something more similar to Cake or the theme from Peter Gunn, at first..

then it just spiraled outta control. children grow up, and you cant control them forever. 'Having Teeth Is A Torture' became a monster almost immediately, i just sat back and laughed.

my drum machine is just that toy keyboard's built in rock and roll groove, and then later on real drums.. it's got a few guitars, including one gnarly wah-flanged guitar that cut in and out at the end.. i liked it, it seemed to fit the wilful child. that might be about it.. i played the bass line on it, which was hard. it was a hard guitar line for me, but after playing it for an afternoon, it translated to the bass easy enough. the singing was the really fun part. i'm no singer, but i think i keep trying to get better.. while emily took a bath i put these things down. fun.


Greg said...

Dig it! Dig....It...
The guitar riff reminds me of Danzig...Twist of Cain...could be off here...
Keep it up!

Aaron MacDonald said...

ha! Danzig! i wish.. i remember, back in highschool, getting turned on to something called 'black aria' or something similar. it was kinda classical, a bunch of violins and strings or something.. i should look it up - i only remember i liked it. danzig!