Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Goddamned Man

ahh.. rock and roll. i like it.

the new mexican revolution is working on a song (sporadically at best) called 'god fearing man' or something similar.. at least that's the lyric that gets repeated. for awhile i thought he was saying 'i'm a god damned man' over and over. i really liked that, and was sad when it wasn't the real lyric.

so i took it for my own, and wrote this.

i'm a Goddamned Man! yee haw!

i worked all morning on three different songs, but couldn't be happy with any of 'em, so i wrote this instead. it made me happier in less time than all the others. stupid songs, they're so frustrating.

emily should be home from work soon, and maybe she can breathe new enthusiasm. she's like a gently rising water of happy.

i gotta practice some stuff for the show this friday at dante's, and it's started to stress me out a bit. ha!

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