Tuesday, January 03, 2006


it seems very cold this morning.. i doubt it's actually that cold, it's not montreal or anything.. but i'm chilled.

which is suitable for this nightmarish song about creepy rabbits in the basement. the song is a mix of two ideas.. 1 - i always liked that 'man who sold the world' song.. david bowie/nirvana unplugged. that little ascending lick was something i wanted to figure a little bit.. 2 - i was in a basement at a job site a few weeks ago, and it just kinda creeped me out. there were clothes everywhere, bright garish party clothes.. and electric cords. i dunno, i was freaked. i kept imagining a wall full of rabbits staring at me. maybe telepathic rabbits. i'm not sure.

so, you combine those two ideas.. you get this. i wanted it to have a real dark and dreamy feel.. so it's got a mess of echoes and reverse stuff.. and the 'ascending lick' turned out to be kinda hard for me on bass. ha! i'm getting better, but it's all baby steps. it's got keyboard and guitar and bass, drums.. umm.. some processing. that might be about it.

it's creepy.

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