Sunday, January 29, 2006

Saint Patrick's Day

ha! so i stayed up kinda late last night working on this lil' guy.. it was actually pretty cool, i was layering pretty guitars and organ sounds and such.. and then we woke up this morning and stayed in bed, drinking coffee and watching rambo: first blood. that's a good movie.

anyhow, as soon as that was over, we got up and put down violins and tin whistle, and then a few percussion tracks.. emily played the big drum part, which i really like.

i think that was pretty much it.. emily's getting a lot more confident on the violin, it wasn't hard at all, i didn't freak out and delete them in a frustrated fit. i think that's a good sign.

if you're going to make an irish tune, it seems obvious to find one called Saint Patrick's Day. but that's only because there wasn't one called 'James Joyce'.

we're still kinda lazy today.. moving slow, emily's making spanakopita in the kitchen while i type. i think i can work on a few more songs today before i give up and watch the television some more.

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