Saturday, January 28, 2006

Her Majesty

man oh man.. last night was a big night. those march fourth marching band kids get kinda groovy..

clowns and people on stilts and puppets and Myshkin's bass player had a new upright bass.. i broke a string in Tramp, and ran off to restring the guitar during Paranoid, and while i was tuning the string snapped. jeez. so i just played the rest of the set without.. it happens. oh! plus Heroes & Villians did a great cover of Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite..

so here you go: Her Majesty, also by the Beatles..

it wasn't much of a day today.. emily and i worked on some irish tin whislte tunes, which i think i'll record. i played the harmonica a bit. my fingers really hurt, my eye hurts.. i broke my glasses, somehow.

it was a big night.

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