Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Other Country

ha! i finished a song..

today was a pretty great day. i sat around all morning working on music, mostly this song.. then we went out to eat with two lady friends of emily. i suppose they are my friends too. we had thanksgiving, or christmas, or both together. i ate too much and raced back home to finish this guy. sorry about leaving so soon, michelle. pretty good evening, pretty good day.

anyhow, the Other Country. heh.. this song was cool to put together. it started as a lil guitar bit i was trying to use for this puppet opera music.. but i liked it too much, and kept screwing around with it until it had four guitars and two keyboards. that made me laugh, so i paused for awhile and thought up some lyrics.. it's about this guy, Eli McPhay, who lives up in the mountains, who started loving some wild animal, like a cougar or wolf or bear, even.. and has all these beast demon children, then the humans place a bounty on the monsters, but they're intelligent and cunning, and create a new political empire with their strength, or something.

and it's got me and emily singing some major chord harmony stuff near the end! whoohoo.

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