Tuesday, January 10, 2006


man.. i've just kinda gotten turned on to these mp3 blogs (popsheep, said the gramophone, aquarium drunkard, muzzle of bees, and a bunch more) - and i really like 'em.. they got all the songs in the world ever, and they seem to really love songs.

so do i. i also love songs.

'Remember' started off as a piano thing i wrote in the early afternoon, trying to write a short major key thing.. i knew i wanted to sing about wistful robots, thinking how time must pass differently for them, and the counsel they supply to young robots would be interesting.. well, it turned into this. ha! it's now a condemnation of a once great robot by the younger idealistic robots.. i bet they're undergrads at liberal arts schools.

emily put down two violin tracks after we got done with new mex rev rehearsal, so it was a late night for us. she crashed and i tried to figure out the lyrics and such, then sang 'em again this morning. just finished. i knew i didn't want any guitar on it, in an effort to find different ways to create things, but i think drumset might've been nice.. even bass. i do like to add things, and add things, and pile more stuff on.

i gotta eat some breakfast. we're all out of coffee. sigh.

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