Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Make It Better

i gotta go to work real soon, so this'll be quick.

yesterday morning before work i started this song, recording the piano and such.. when i came home emily had started singing and playing violin over it, so we ate dinner and talked about what to do. we decided she should just sing the whole thing, with no violin and make a feel good epic sorta thing.. you know, you can 'Make It Better' and all that.. and i wanted to sing 'ooh ooh oh' on the chorus. i was really attached to that, for some reason.

an hour and a half later we had this, although it was difficult for emily to be satisfied. she works differently than i do. she sings well. hmph.

i see this song as a kinda cross between arcade fire and the smashing pumpkins.. i like the drums on it.

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