Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Baby Shakes


not going to work is the best.. i worked on two songs, and wrote this! and it's only 2:30!

well, actually.. jacob wrote these lyrics awhile ago, and i've just been sitting on 'em, trying to find something.. then, this morning, after working on pink elephants for awhile i wrote the guitar bits for this..

it's got bass, a bunch of guitars, moog, drums.. umm.. maybe that's it. i was definately ripping off smashing pumpkins early on, but i think it's got it's own life.

Baby Shakes

this is the note jacob left at the bottom of the lyrics:

----I've been doing a lot of work with Aristotle lately, and the names of the "girls" are these weird mideval mnemonic codes for certain forms of deduction...it's all in the vowels. For instance, "Barbara" a-a-a, is of a dedeuctive form: all A are B, all B are C, ergo all A are C.

i don't get it.

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