Thursday, January 26, 2006

Flowers Lonely Girl

whew.. i'm so jacked up on coffee right now. i feel like balzac.

or how i imagine he must've felt.

today's installment is a nifty little number.. Colin sent emily and i some lyrics and we spent some time just staring at 'em, trying to figure something out.. it was hard. some times things just spill out of me, some times it's like pulling teeth. so i sat at the piano for awhile, and wrote some neat things, but couldn't get anything to work. frustrating. finally, yesterday i guess, i started to put things down on the computer and built up something close.. it had me playing guitar and bass with a drum machine, and harmonica.. it wasn't that great.

then emily came home! and played this crazy piano stuff all over it.. and i felt better, and basically re-did the whole thing.. with live drums and all that. i had the idea that i wanted strings on it, but then i realized i was jacked up on coffee, and i let it go. i feel sick, and need to eat food.

Flowers Lonely Girl is the title, but i don't remember if colin gave that to me or not. i think it was just written at the top, or something.

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