Thursday, January 12, 2006

Finally You Get It

whew.. so i leave town tomorrow morning, early, for colorado - back home to see the family for holidays and such. i had been thinking about what to do for the project, if it was possible to write a bunch of songs and manage to post them one a day somehow, or maybe post old songs from sons of jar'el or something, but i think i'm just gonna take a break. i have about 52-54 songs now, in about as many days, and that's a pretty good start.

i get back in about a week, and hopefully i'll have written some other things. my parents have a piano and some guitars, and i won't have to work or worry about anything - it should be very nice. emily has said she'll try and work on some things, so i'm leaving her in charge of the protools rig.. if we had more time/forethought, i'd show her how to mix things down and make mp3s and post 'em, write blogs, etc etc - but i leave first thing tomorrow.. too many little details.

but for today, i have Finally You Get It a song about bodhisattva style enlightenment, where you stave off nirvana in an effort to help the masses. or something like that.. it also makes reference to class structure and society.. blah blah. i think it makes some sense.

i wrote it on piano yesterday, but piano didn't make it onto the recording.. i had put down a few guitars and drums, with every intention of overdubbing piano at some point, but i ran outta time. it's got banjo (which was hard) and harmonica, which is nice, but no piano. i gotta get that thing tuned, anyhow. emily also toyed with the accordion, but it didn't pan out. i think she needs more time with me not looking over her shoulder.

so i'll return in six or seven days, have a good week.


Greg said... were serious...I'm missin my daily fix! Hope you have a good trip...listen to ya soon...

Aaron MacDonald said...

i'm back! song tomorrow.

thanks for listening greg.