Saturday, December 31, 2005

City Signs

New Year's Eve!

this is a quality holiday, as far as i'm concerned.. like mardi gras. everybody's partying, having fun, out in the streets.. makes a city live. i like that stuff.

to do our part, to encourage the fun, emily and i put together this little guy - 'City Signs' about the mythic/fantastic loft building here in portland, where i've been lucky enough to enjoy many a night, meet all sorts of people, and cement a number of budding friendships.. no regrets here. it's also where we were able to record the Volumes album, Love & Squalor. i feel indebted, almost.

the song itself was a blast.. two drum machine tracks, then emily came up with the trumpet parts.. then i figured the guitars (my first wah stuff!) and bass and started fitting lyrics in.. i put the piano bit at the end almost as an afterthought, but it's one of my favorite bits. a little guitar solo and it's done! easy and delightful.

thank you city signs. thank you matt and colin. hopefully i've done you proud. ha!

happy new years!

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