Thursday, December 22, 2005

Exploded Against Me

thursday - just about christmas. i gotta work tomorrow, but then i'm free for.. maybe a week or so. pretty remarkable. i hope i get to eat some good food over the weekend. holidays rock for food, if you're lucky.

and the music.. this one is a bit weird. i like the song, but it was different coming together.. it's got three or four guitars mashed up inside, plus two violins (emily!), at least one toy keyboard.. and three different drum machine tracks, all weaving around.. it's a bit of a mess. i guess i kinda got some inspiration from Scott, the ad guy at the mercury.. he re-opened my eyes to metal. ha!
but i really like it. the lyrics are short and sweet:

this ringing sensation in my head
means last night must've 'exploded against me'
is that applause?
sounds more like a fire.

yeah.. short and sweet. i read somewhere about the history/origin of applause, clapping your hands together and things like that. someone referenced it back to communal bonfire experiences, deep in our psychology. all that is probably unprovable, but i carried that bit of trivia around for years before it found a song. i like the idea of confusing the two, especially after a hard night of drinking. you can't quite remember if you were charming and hilarious, or obnoxious and embarrassing.

i figure i got about six - ten days with the all of andy's gear, then he takes it back. gotta take advantage.

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Anonymous said...

When you think back on the nights before, do you mostly remember being hillarious or obnoxious? Great question to ponder. I heard about the clapping hands history, too. Same story. Where did you hear of it. I think it was on NPR. Not sure.

Keep rocking. Too bad Andy takes back the gear soon.