Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Plastic Leviathan

i like this song.. it's pretty bizarre, but it's awesome. it's some kinda electronica techno tune, but i don't know what you'd call it.. it sounds a tiny bit like U2's lemon, with the edge droning on and on about something. ha! the lyrics to this are pretty bizarre, also, but i like it. i guess 'Plastic Leviathan' is a little more out than most of my lyrics. maybe.

lets see here.. i came home for lunch yesterday and put down the drum machines and the guitar.. and the bass. i had a blast with those, the bass is rad. and the keyboard.. it actually all started with the keyboard, trying to voice chords and make harmonic motion with less notes - alluding to a chord or resolution without spelling it out. then i just had to learn those voicings on guitar and such, not too hard.
like i said, it was a lot of fun.
came home in the evening, then i did some vocals.. we're both still pretty sick, so there wasn't much actual singing going on.. i did two tracks, emily comes in at the end.. pretty much done. a few little techno flourishes and such..

i was pretty excited after all this, so i kept working on this other neat song.. it's kinda like a country tune, i suppose, but it's odd. i'm trying to get a guitar solo over right now, but i think i can finish it today.

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