Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Just Stay Gone

ahhh.. back to work after christmas. it's not so bad, but i'm still kinda sick. oh well.. it should be an easy day.

so today's song is about a 'triangle' i was involved with back at the end of college, which isn't the most awesome thing i've ever done.. i was friends with this couple that lived together, and eventually the girl and i started hanging out more without her boyfriend, blah blah blah.. 'Just Stay Gone' is my 'trappend in a closet'.. you know, R. Kelly? ha! i wish - that thing is brilliant.

this song was neat to put together.. it started with the guitar figure, another open-tuning experiment (i'm starting to really like those) that made a lot of sense right away.. i put down organ and bass and a few acoustic guitars, then drumset and started to figure out the melody/storyline. emily came in and dropped an awesome little trumpet line in there.. i think i put the banjo on last, it still seemed kinda naked with all that other stuff.

it's a neat song - a cross between wilco and ani difranco, perhaps.
i was on a track to make it even longer, the song ends where the solo should be starting, but i'm trying to figure out short songs and tempo and stuff, so there it is.

breakfast and work.

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Greg said...

Yes! Trapped in the closet! Just had a viewing party at my house a couple of weeks ago! Genius! I have an idea...you should film all of these songs in one continuous cycle...call it naked in portland or some such thing!
Love the Leah Christmas Special...keep it up...good stuff...