Thursday, December 29, 2005

Amy and Mary

still a little bit sick. when i was recording yesterday, i had coughs and sniffles all over the place.. it was pretty funny/sad. i left 'em all in there. i'm having particular trouble getting motivated lately.. the sickness doesn't just mess up my voice or anything, it drains me.. it's much more work just to record a guitar take. blah blah blah. i have to be getting better, right?

we'll see, i suppose.. today's song is called 'Amy and Mary' - about two girls who fall in love while sniffing glue. (i wanted to call it Helen and Tony) it's a short one, based entirely on the narrative of the story. i'd never really done that before, so it was interesting.. even though i knew the whole story, it was difficult to bend and cram and smash it into place and still make some kinda sense. all that and back it up with weird glue sniffing music.. ha! it has a dreamy guitar off in the background for the intro, then banjo and spacey keyboard.. oh, and two bass tracks! one distorted, one normal.. that was just an experiment, not entirely successful. the bass is difficult, especially for mp3s and computer speakers and stuff.. it doesn't give itself up easily. more glue sniffing.

which reminds.. emily thinks i've been doing too many drug songs. i laughed it off (i write a bunch of songs that aren't about drugs, you know.) but i was looking at the list, and the last three or four are drug related... hmm.

kids - don't do drugs.

unless you have AD(H)D, and most of you do anyhow.

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