Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

ugh.. sunday evening. emily and i are both kinda sick, some sort of head cold. we just got back from seattle, thought i'd try and keep up with the blogging and all.

let me think...

My Favorite Daughter is me with a piano and a guitar with a bunch of delay.. and a drum machine. the outro is a neat round that emily and i did, i really like it.. - now that we're torn asunder, i barely have the strength to shrug my shoulders. good stuff.

The Cheer is self explanatory, i think.. we were very loud when we recorded it, late one night.

All Of This Is For You is our punk rock tune for leah.. i wanted to try and write more 'Volumes' songs, and this definately applies.. emily put down a cool bass line that does neat melodic stuff.. i yell over it.

Mystery of a Girl is a classic leah/emily/aaron song from wayback, that emily wrote. she sings a neat harmony.. i only did the banjo on this.

Dry Hands is our hiphop tune.. i think it worked out pretty well. this is actually the second version, 'cause the first wouldn't give itself up. frustrating. i really like layering all the drum machine bits and weaving them through each other.

Leah B. Green - this is harder than it seems, and we went through a few songs before we found a good one that was easy enough for us.

sick sick sick. i think i wanna go to bed for awhile now.

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