Friday, December 23, 2005

Free From the Wires

friday friday! it's been a good week, to say the least.. lots and lots of music everywhere, all the time. i wonder if emily can stand it? i hope so.. she's genius. last night we kinda wrapped up our new year's eve song, City Signs - this hilarious/awesome funk number about the legendary loft. legendary? yes. and we got a lot of the xmas tune figured out, also. good work all around..

but for today: Free From the Wires

it's a good major key song. those are definately harder than any other. in this case, matt, emily, and myself all wrote this guitar bit (the snaky odd-time bit) sitting around one night, drinking whiskey.
i liked it, but it was hard to get around, nobody could really sing and play it at the same time.. so i ran off with it and wrote this. once you figure it out, it's kinda funny, almost easy.. well, the guitars are. emily played this awesome accordion part that winds all around. brilliant! ...and the end is just a straightened out re-interpretation of the riff, but the drums underneath try and stress it differently.

hmm.. even i didn't understand that last bit.

oh well, it has a nice guitar solo at the end.. it kinda lifts me up, like i'm floating. major keys are hard.

AND - the Portland Mercury wrote a little blurb about me yesterday or the day before. Adam Gnade's gossip bit, It's Who You Know, mentioned the site and project. and cake and beer. neat stuff. it's probably the first time my name has ever been in bold print.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I really really like this one. Especially Emily's accordion bits. It is really easy to listen to without being "easy listening," if you know what I mean? It is good on the ears. I would like to see this one played live. Do you have any plans to play out with this project? Please let me know. Sincerely, Geoffrey Timerlake