Saturday, December 24, 2005

Portland Ukelele

Christmas Eve! Saturday Morning!

but no coffee.. oh well, i'm sure there's some coffee somewhere in portland, i just gotta find it.

anyhow, we're about to go up to seattle for christmas, spend the day with leah - so i wrote and posted a song for today and a few for leah's chrismas present tomorrow. i kinda just sneeze out songs right now. it's weird.

today is 'Portland Ukelele' a funny little song about bar-hopping the next day after staying up much too late the night before, getting into trouble. good times.

it was written around the ukelele, which i'd been trying to do for awhile, but this was the first/best thing i came up with. it has this neat descending bit between the C and the F that i really like, and then i learned that on guitar.. emily put the steel drums and the shaker, i sang a few times.. even tried a harmony on the bridge while emily took a nap. if she were awake it'd have sounded better. she would've done it for me. oh well. i'll just write another song.

andy's drum machine has all these kinda dumb rock and hard rock grooves, but near the end it has a whole assortment of latin beats, including some odd ones.. those are golden. thanks andy.

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Anonymous said...

Merry Festivus. I really like your singing and arraingement on "Dry Hands." It caught my attention due to my sweaty hand situation. Thanks for the great tunes. Keep up the great work.


G-Lux aka G-Whiz aka G-Ointment