Tuesday, February 14, 2006

You Said It Better

happy valentines day!

normally i'd do an appropriately themed cover song, or something.. but not today.

i just finished this one, and i like it too much to let it sit. it's got some more of that sonic youth influence, i suppose. but it's all in this odd-tuned scale, and i play the drums on it, and have this cool guitar line at the very end, all epic guitar rock. it's even got a tiny little moog part in the middle that i just love.. and a feedback swell! ha!

those are hard to do on that little vox practice amp i use.

anyhow, You Said It Better has a little something to do with love.. but it's more about getting out of a bad relationship than anything. oh well. happy valentines day. now i gotta retune all the guitars.

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