Sunday, February 12, 2006

Little Sadistic Waltz

soo.. erik sent me some lyrics the other day, with a short little note describing it as a 'Little Sadistic Waltz'.. and it's true, the lyrics were already waltzing, right there on the page. emily and i just fleshed out the background a bit. she got mad at the accordion today, and i got mad at the banjo. and the moog.

i had a hard time playing the moog today, it got all screwy and wouldn't make any noise other than a static-filled wave. it was fantastic at first, but i couldn't make it stop. so that bummed me out a bit.. instead of a moog, i ran that cheap little keyboard into some time delays at the end. then it got real interesting and i wanted to keep going, with a big sci-fi sorta section with bouncing delays and this ominous descending guitar/bass unison lick.. a big live drum take at the end, rocking out. probably a guitar solo.

that would've been awesome, but i ran outta time. so much stuff to do.. songs take forever to make, sometimes.

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