Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Backdoor to Heaven

yesterday was a banner day, it seems. the new mexican revolution is finally gonna get our album out, Theories of Sun and Rain. we all checked the artwork out for the packaging, and it looks great.. Daniyel (from Cicada Omega) did a great job for us, it's pretty exciting. it just got mastered, and now we're gonna send it off to get printed up.. i think a little over a month or something.

then we had a rehearsal over here, where we've been playing some quieter material for our next show (saturday at mississippi pizza pub). it went well, and at the end of the night we recorded this as a celebration.. it's an old song that the Sons of Jar'el wrote, it seems like an age, now. it wasn't recorded that well - that's my fault, i wasn't thinking too clearly by then, and i can only record with two mics at a time (thats why the drumset is always the way it is, kick and overhead, down in the basement).

whatever - jana plays tinwhistle, emily on tambourine, i play piano, wes played guitar, i think. tony on bass, and jeff on drums. we all sang, i think.. except maybe jana, and jeff. i don't know, it turns out. celebratory.

Backdoor to Heaven

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