Monday, February 13, 2006

Influence of Ages

yesterday was a big day for me, i suppose.. i woke up and worked on the little sadistic waltz with emily, and when she went to work i made Influence of Ages, this weird sorta pop-rock tune.. i kinda reminds me of pixies/smashing pumpkins style dynamics, but not overwhelmingly. it's got a lot of guitar lines and keyboard lines, moving around, which is cool to do.. a lot of fun to record.

at the very beginning it was just acoustic guitar and drum machine and lyrics, and i kinda liked it.. so i layered a bunch of sci-fi keyboards and spacey guitars around.. that changed it. then i put the real drums on it, which i thought was kinda like the flaming lips' 'kim has got a watermelon gun'. i love that song.. but it didn't come out quite right. oh well.

i got this new song that's all in a floating D mixolydian drone style thing. it's pretty neat.

breakfast and work.

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