Monday, February 20, 2006

Awake & Adream

yesterday afternoon, after emily and i finished 'cross country' we went for a walk, enjoying the sun and cold and such. when we came back, i sat down at the piano and wrote Awake & Adream, just playing the piano and trying to make up the words as i went..

on the walk emily and i were talking about bands who write super-short songs, all those punk bands with minute and a half songs and such, and i wanted to try that out. so once i had the song in my head, we just recorded it live with my singing and playing piano. that was tough for me, i'm a big fan of click tracks and drum machines and blah blah blah..

anyways, then i went and took a shower and cleaned up for a dinner party with lisa and scott (thanks!), and emily added the violions and trumpet, and it was done.. pretty neat.

we went to holocene last night to check out what the 'church of psychedelia' was up to. it was weird, alright. we didn't really stay long enough to see too much, unfortunately.. but it was weird.

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