Friday, February 24, 2006

so this is an island?

ahh, friday. it means i dont have to do any landscaping/yard work today. i get to work at the mercury! yeehaw!

and, in more good news, i think i'm gonna finally get that high-speed internet everyone is always talking about. that should be good.. it should increase my productivitiy by at least twenty minutes a day. perhaps i can use that extra time to get to the theatre early. ha!

anyhow - last night i got home and ate dinner and wrote some lyrics, sorta dancing around the idea of making your parents proud, but being kinda mean and they don't know it. that and nikki put a comment on myspace that "sometimes your songs make me cry" - which i think is a good thing.. i hope.

so after dinner emily started playing piano and came up with this, which is pretty neat. it goes back and forth with Cmaj and Cmin in a really subtle way, sounds great.. then we sang three rounds of harmonies (wow) and a little tag at the end, so this is an island?.. and then we recorded the lonely dog across the street. emily played ukelele, making a pretty hip almost jazz sound come out of it. that's talent.

i think the dog can hear us make music and he wants to join in.


Greg said...

Hey guys...'s time to change the site to aaron and emily or sumthin' give the broad some props in the url!
Emily...I'm so proud of where you have gotten musically! It's amazing!
I'm coming up to PDX in exactly one month for the weekend...I'll let ya know where the party'd be good to see you guys...

Aaron MacDonald said...

wow! thanks, gwegowy, that means a lot. in case you're interested, darci had another baby, a girl, amira. parker is two. crazy.

i look forward to the party!


Cousy said...


This is an awesome idea which far outstretches what I once thought the creative capabilities were of this musical generation.

Because, an album every 2 years is now acceptable business. But a song a day! Wonderful.

Ironically or coincidentally, the band I'm in has been endeavouring a similar Project since write 100 songs during the course of the school year which is keeping the members of the band separated.

By all means, check out a few tracks and it'd be cool to stay in touch.


Joe c/o Winston Brigby Pop Experiment