Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Phone Call Rockets

i'm not a very complicated man. my pleasures are simple. i like to move slow, drink coffee.. read in the sunlight, listen to music. emily brought the first (i think) arcade fire album back from pennsylvania with her. we both really like the other album, and so this was cool to check out. and i've been reading old issues of the new yorker.

this song started last week, i think. when matt came over to drink coffee and whiskey with me. it seemed daunting whenever i listened to it, so i let it set until this morning, when i started to hear the bits that weren't there yet. mostly it's an open tuned E maj that matt banged out on guitar, we both sang on it and gave it a bit of structure, and we both played keyboards on it.. this morning i sang some more stuff, straightened out the lyrics and bit, added bass and the twiddly guitar.. that might be it. i call it Phone Call Rockets because matt's lyrics seem to be about setting up a date that might fall through, and i'm singing about how later, hindsight allows you to see what fell through.. bad conversations seem like such a big deal.

it's gorgeous in portland right now.. the sun is out, but it's still a little cold. it's wet, but not raining. i probably won't do anymore work for awhile.

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