Saturday, February 18, 2006



this song was a terrible pain to birth. emily and i started it a few days ago, with just the piano. i had written a bit of it, but didn't have any idea where it should go. it was too weird for me, i think. wow.

on the other hand, emily got a burst of enthusiasm and really started working on it. she played all the piano bits and structured the thing, then laid in violins and trumpets and keyboards.. wow. i played drums and guitar, we both sang. i got up around 10am or so, and it's now almost 4pm. thats a pretty good days work for me.

i got really cranky near the end, and started to hate the song.. but now that it's all wrapped up, i like it. most of the lyrics are inspired by the Sufi tradition, but i'm not really a scholar. back when i was in school, i was reading 'The Mysticism of Sound and Music' by Hazrat Inayat Khan, and i've carried around these half-formed ideas about sufi-ism ever since. i hope it's not too irreverant, i enjoy the bits i know/remember. maybe i should read it again.

i was up late last night, austin city limits had 'death cab' and 'my morning jacket'.. i love that show. both bands weren't terribly impressive, though. death cab was pretty much note-for-note, but really low energy, and ben didn't sing so well. (who am i to criticize? he did great!) and my morning jacket was really cool, better than death cab, but not very inspiring. oh well. i still like all those guys. they do great stuff.

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