Thursday, February 23, 2006

Try Not To

so, i've been working hard suddenly, doing landscaping work with jill in the sw hills of portland. man, i'm tired and sore and dirty.. it's a bit of effort just to come home and think, let alone write songs.

luckily, emily picked up all the slack for me.

Try Not To is from jesus christ superstar, which is pretty cool. i've been watching all these musicals, trying to figure 'em out a bit (and write our own) and that's one of the better ones. the first act of into the woods is really good too. al jolson's the singing kid, not that great.

anyhow, it was pretty much perfect to come home and hear the lyrics. seems appropriate. like i said, she did most of the work. i think i put a keyboard track in the background this morning before going to work.. but honestly, i can't hear it now. i may have messed up somehow. ha. (that's 'cause i'm tired)


i think the biggest revelation from this song was the backwards stuff, we spun the whole thing around and listened to it like that a few times, almost called it done like that - it was just beautiful. i think we'll do some more work with this...

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