Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Bridge Is Wanting

whew.. i wrote this last night, in the middle of the night, emily had just gone to sleep. so i played real soft, on acoustic guitars i had all these sorta open/ringy A minor7 things floating around. it was pretty and a little ethereal, in the middle of the night.

i woke up this morning and got right to work on it, but i couldn't preserve the airy feeling it had. not with all the instruments i started trying out. in any case, it started to go in it's own direction which was cool. i tried to sing another harmony line, at the very end. i think this one came out a little better. the main vocal melody, all the verses were so frustrating.. maybe today was just a bad singing day, but i don't know if i have good days. ha! maybe the lyrics are just too convoluted to work with.

it's got a bunch of references around the idea of sacrificing children by throwing them off a bridge, to appease the gods for somthing terrible the captain did.

A Bridge Is Wanting.

true story.

i also, in my downtime, wrote this really haunting piano thing, i'm just waiting for emily to get home so i can show it to her, maybe we can come up with something.

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