Saturday, January 13, 2007


so i wrote this little guitar line one day, trying to come up with riffs for King Hen, but it was decidedly happy and major-key sounding, so it didn't quite work over there.. independently, i was working on this neat little chord progression with lyrics that i liked a lot.. so i changed the keys around and started putting it together, but i had already started working on it.. so part 1 is mostly the instrumental intro to the old version, which we saved, and part 2 is the new version in a new key. i don't really see a problem in just making it all one song, but it worked out so nicely as two bits.. i wanted to save that idea. the only problem i had, and i'm not sure how to fix it, is part 1 should be quieter than it is now, in relation to part 2.

oh well.

when the seas drag you under
you get an oceanview
the green and blue of the tv light
reflecting off of you
let the screen pull you under
there's not much you can do
you can't keep fighting your feelings
and expect to feel something new
one day the lies/walls will crumble
i hope we get there soon
'cause i've invented flowers
that need the truth to bloom

waves and waves of traffic
lapping at the curb
i'm drilling through the patterns
just looking for a cure
let the screen pull you under
as the days become a blur
just keep clicking for an answer
and stop thinking of her

you won't believe
the things we can see
what might have been
the love between our best friends
well i'm gonna join up with the runaways
the runaways

Oceanview Pt. 1
Oceanview Pt. 2

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