Sunday, January 14, 2007

kids don't care

this song is due mostly to jason, a good friend of jonpaul who recently moved to portland.. or back to portland, perhaps.

in any case, he brought over some toys the other day, including this little sampling keyboard. it's pretty cool.. i had played with it for a day or two not too long ago, but didn't get too much out of it, outside of it's nice piano sound. but jason knows how to use it - he did the beatbox stuff and played all the keyboard noises and the washy ocean noises.. pretty much the bulk of the track, and it's cool stuff.. he's been doing his own thing for a long time, under the name 'idiosyncratic routine'..

that's his myspace link, but for some reason my html stuff didn't work.. but you can find him there.

i think he has some of the same problems i do.. once you start getting an idea of what you want to do, it's much more difficult to work with other people. 'cause other people suck. ha! i shouldn't speak for him, though.. that's just how i think. but i'm glad he came over. hopefully he is also.

kids don't care

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