Friday, January 19, 2007

Keep Your Chin Up

they'll never bottle you
if you keep changing the place
you may never get settled
but if you keep moving
you might get away
but i bet you get tired
'cause everyone does
it's written in muscle and memory
and you've done enough

i'm gonna runaway
break through the sky
fragile's not good enough
i need reasons why
point all my guns at the man
i at least have to try

our potential may eat through the best of us
but i don't want to make peace
study the light and photography
keep pretending that's me
but i bet you get tired
'cause everyone does
staring at pictures and biting your fingernails
is not good enough

Keep Your Chin Up

big rock show tomorrow night at the tonic lounge (in portland, oregon).. which i'm very excited about. the king hen is gonna debut a few songs, maybe four or five, plus a few re-worked ones and such. that's a lotta new stuff, but it's all coming along really well. i think it's gonna be great - i just gotta be more careful about breaking strings.. and maybe have a back up guitar. hmm. big time rock show.

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