Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Airborn Ranger Marriage

from innocence to ignorance,
intelligence to common sense
the medicines you take for this
the reasons why you made the list
the bombs'll drop, from start to stop
a breathless morning looking lost
it's just a job, it's just six years
your lives/your loves
in structured tiers
through all the world
an idea swirls
a brand new math that only girls
are good at
can you believe that?
they wrote a book called 'landflat'
and in it's page, or so they say
a way to bend both time and space
a vortex made of steel and lace
we can get to mars in just one day

we are tomorrow what we start today
the sooner we destroy this world
the sooner we can get away

Airborn Ranger Marriage

My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-375d6f4e2a072c08a72251fa85a7c925}

as if i didn't freak out enough, i found new sources of anxiety the other day.. itunes and podcasting.

and part of the process is putting this podcast alley feed! in a post.. hmm.

but seriously, jonpaul helped me do all this stuff and i appreciate it. even if it does overwhelm me.

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